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Innovative Electrochemical Instrumentation from Ivium Technologies

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Ivium product range

Welcome to Ivium Technologies!



As one of the leading manufacturers of potentiostat/galvanostat instruments, Ivium Technologies is best known for its development of the only USB powered P/G with true impedance analyser on the market. Next to two different versions of our genuinely mobile instruments (the CompactStatTM and the pocketSTATTM) Ivium also offers entry level-, high power- and multichannel- instruments.

In addition to our potentiostat/galvanostat platforms we offer a wide range of additional options, such as:
- Multiplexers
- Bipotentiostat
- Power Boosters
- Peripheral Port Interfacing
- Various Accessories
- Etc.



Commercial Electrochemical Specialist





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24bit potentiostats



  The Vertex.One... affordable solution...educational and basic electrochemistry... Compliance ±22V / ±100mA..


  The DataSecure module...designed to fulfill 2 specific functions... Data storage.. and WI-FI connection... LAN..


  The OctoStat is an 8-channel potentiostat/galvanostat .... impedance analyser .... affordable high-spec .... designed for....

24bit potentiostats

  The obvious advantage of a 24 bit instruments such as the IviumStat.h and CompactStat.h, compared to......

Battery holders

Battery holders connector type