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Brochures & product notes

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The following documents can be downloaded as printable PDF:

Ivium Technologies Product Brochure

Ivium Technologies Software Brochure


Vertex.One - All-Round Potentiostat

DataSecure - Data safe & (Wireless) Connection module for Ivium potentiostats

OctoStat - 8-Channel high-spec electrochemical test system

IviumStat.h - Introducing the new 24 bit potentiostat from Ivium Technologies

MCF - Magnetic Corrosion Flat Cell - Magnetic cell for coating/corrosion testing in the field and in the lab

MultiWE32 brochure - 32 channel potentiostat module

IviumBoost1040 brochure - 40A current booster

IviumBoost10012 brochure - 100A current booster

ModuLight brochure - 7 color programmable light source

IviSUN brochure - LED based solar simulator

LabVIEW brochure - Controlling Ivium potentiostats with LabVIEW


CE Conformity