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IviumStat: Hardware specifications

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System Performance: Standard (5A/10V)
Current compliance ±5 A
Maximum output Voltage ± 10V below 1A and ± 8V up to 5A
4 Electrodes WE, CE, RE, S
Potentiostat Bandwidth 8 MHz for small signals, 300kHz for large signals
Stability settings High Speed, Standard, and High Stability
Programmable response filter 1MHz , 100kHz , 10kHz , 1kHz , 10Hz
Signal acquisition dual channel 24 bit ADC, 100.000 samples/sec
Applied potential range ±10 V with 0.02mV resolution (20 bit)
Applied potential accuracy 0.2%, or 1mV
Current ranges ±10nA to ±10A in 10 steps
High sensitivity current ranges ±1pA, ±10pA, ±100pA, ±1nA
Measured current resolution 0.00001% of current range, minimum 0.6aA
Measured current accuracy 0.2%
Applied current resolution 0.00013% of applied current range
Applied current accuracy 0.2%
Potential ranges ±1mV, ±10mV, ±100mV, ±1V, ±10V
Measured potential resolution 0.00001% of potential range, minimum 0.15nV
Measured potential accuracy 0.2%, or 1mV
Impedance Analyser  
Frequency range 10µHz to 8MHz
Amplitude 0.015mV to 1.0V, or 0.03% to 100% of current range
DC offset 16 bit dc offset subtraction, and 2 dc-decoupling filters
Dynamic range 0.05nV to 10V, and 0.2aA to 5A
Input impedance >1000 Gohm //<8pF
Input bias current <10 pA
Bandwidth >16 MHz
Special functions  
Ohmic drop compensation 2 V/current range, 16 bits resolution
Safety features automatic disconnect on internal/external exceptions
Peripheral connections  
8 Analog in, and 2 analog out 0 to +4V, 16 bits resolution
2 Digital inputs, and 3 Digital outputs 0 to +5V
I-out, and E-out analog monitor for cell current and potential
AC-out ±0.5V sinewave 10µHz-8MHz with variable attenuation
Channel-X, and Channel-Y inputs ±4V: to record impedance from peripheral devices
Power requirements 100-240V, 47-63Hz, 150VA
Interfacing USB
Size w x d x h = 26 x 33 x 12 cm
Weight  4.2 kg
PC requirements Windows XP/7/8/10 with free USB port


Other models

IviumStat.XR XRi XRe
System performance: 10A/10V 2A/50V
Current compliance ±10A ±2A
Maximum output voltage ±10V ±50V
Additional (applied) potential range - ±50V, 0.1mV resolution
Power requirements 100-240V, 45-63Hz, 300VA 100-240V, 45-63Hz, 300VA
Weight 5.3kg 5.3kg



Specifications subject to change, Ivium Technologies © 2016