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News: Latest Products and Features

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24bit potentiostats



Commercial Electrochemical Specialist

 Ivium Newsletter #1, 2 September 2016
   Ivium Newsletter #2, 4 November 2016



  The Vertex.One... affordable solution...educational and basic electrochemistry... Compliance ±22V / ±100mA..


  The DataSecure module...designed to fulfill 2 specific functions... Data storage.. and WI-FI connection... LAN..


  The OctoStat is an 8-channel potentiostat/galvanostat .... impedance analyser .... affordable high-spec .... designed for....battery testing...

24bit potentiostats

  The obvious advantage of a 24 bit instruments such as the IviumStat.h and CompactStat.h, compared to......

Bettery holders

Bettery holders connector type

  To facilitate easy connection of batteries...

Optical platform

  The Optical platform... facilitates...positioning of ModuLight and cell...







DataSecure -  (WI-FI) Connection Module & Data Safe



The DataSecure module has been designed to fulfill 2 specific functions:  


  • Data storage and back up
  • Never lose your data



  • WI-FI
  • LAN
  • USB
  • Remote/direct


     Ivium wifi

The Ivium DataSecure module stores data from your entire on-going experiment, independent from your PC.  Your data will never be lost. You can "log-on" at any time to stream the available data to your PC.  The Ivium DataSecure module is the connection link between the Ivium potentiostat and your computer. It can connect directly to your WI-FI network, or create its own hotspot. Direct (hard-wired) connection to your computer is also possible via both LAN and USB.  

Download: DataSecure brochure


OctoStat: Multi-Channel Battery Tester


24bit potentiostats


The OctoStat is an 8-channel potentiostat/galvanostat with dedicated impedance analyser for each channel. This affordable high-spec electrochemical test system is designed for applications where multiple cells are operated in parallel for long periods of time, such as battery/fuel cell-testing, electrode development, biotechnology and corrosion.

  • 8-Channel potentiostat
  • 19" Rack mountable housing
  • Up to 128 channels/rack
  • USB/Ethernet interface
  • Fully independent operation without PC


Download: OctoStat brochure 


Ivium Technologies is proud to present the first 24bit potentiostats!


24bit potentiostats


The obvious advantage of a 24 bit instruments such as the IviumStat.h and CompactStat.h, compared to a 16 bit instrument, is the possibility to use much smaller increments in applied and measured values (i.e. resolution). This results in better control of your electrochemical process and enables slower scan rates. But did you know that increased resolution also leads to improved accuracy and linearity, better stability and control, and smaller gain drifts?
Additionally, a better resolution allows you to use a larger current range for measuring smaller signals. This means that you can measure a larger signal range without having to switch current ranges. It also means that you can better measure small signals on top of large background signals.
Furthermore: switching current ranges is undesirable because of discontinuities/noise and because it is slow.

The are also significant advantages for EIS/impedance measurements:

  • Faster acquisition - less 're-measurements' required
  • Higher dynamic range - measurement of AC and DC signal component simultaneously
  • Lower amplitude and phase noise - less bit noise/linearity errors, better background noise suppression


Download: IviumStat.h brochure 



Latest products

MCF cell

Ivium Technologies has developed the MCF cell: a magnetic cell that can be clamped to any (steel) surface. A soft silicon seal prevents leakage, so that the cell can be used in any position, horizontal, vertical or up-side-down.
The MCF cell is constructed from durable materials and can also be used in the field. Among its applications are corrosion studies and EIS-measurements on coatings.

The MCF cell contains a stainless steel electrode, the surface the cell is clamped to can be used as working electrode. If the surface is not electrically accessible, for example in case of coating measurements, a second MCF cell is included to create a full electrochemical cell.

The MCF cell can be filled using a syringe and tube (included) and additional portals are available for the use of reference electrodes.

pocketSTAT hand held potentiostat

Download: MCF cell brochure

Increased Vertex product range

The Vertex.S-range of Ivium entry level instruments has been increased to include several higher-power potentiostats. Apart from higher available power, these models also standard include a peripheral I/O port for external communication or signal acquisition.

Available models:
- ±5A @ ±10V
- ±10A @ ±10V
- ±2A @ ±20V (compliance; applied ±10V)
- Optional FRA/EIS: 10µHz to 1MHz

Ivium Technologies Products Brochure


pocketSTAT hand held potentiostat

           Vertex.S: high power


Other recent developments


The pocketSTATTM

The pocketSTATTM is a handheld potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA with integrated impedance analyser. It is a complete electrochemical measurement instrument with the size of a smart phone. It has been specifically designed for (field) measurements, such as corrosion and analysis.

Key specifications:
Scan range: ±10mA / ±4V
Impedance: 10µHz - 100kHz
Size: 115.5 x 58.5 x 12.5 mm
Weight: 140 gr.
Waterproof: IP44


Ivium Technologies Products Brochure

pocketSTAT hand held potentiostat

handheld potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA
             with impedance analyser

The Vertex

The Vertex is an entry level potentiostat/galvanostat with optional FRA/EIS. Its price easily matches its application in educational and applied electrochemistry. A complete suite of IviumSoft control and and data processing software is included!

Key specifications:
- Entry level Potentiostat/galvanostat, two versions:
              ±1A @ ±10V
           ±100mA @ ±10V
- 9 current ranges: 10nA to 1A
- Ideal for educational or routine applications
- All DC elechtrochemical techniques are standard
- Optional FRA/EIS: 10µHz to 1MHz


Ivium Technologies Products Brochure

 Vertex entry level potentiostat

Vertex: Entry level potentioststat/galvanostat


More for less: The Ivium-n-Stat

The Ivium-n-Stat is a state-of-the-art multi-channel potentiostat-galvanostat with integrated impedance analyser in each channel! It is the affordable solution for all electrochemical research that requires simultaneous control of multiple cells.

The Ivium-n-Stat is designed to address the needs of a wide range of applications. It combines a high power of up to 2.5A @ 10V per channel with a high precision of 16 bit resolution. The possibility of low current measurement, down to 10 nA full-scale, is standard included. All channels are independent and floating. The channel-modules are encapsulated for easy handling.


            1-8 modules per frame
                    Stackable up to 64 channels




Key specifications:

• ±2.5 A and ±10 V
• Current ranges: 10nA - 10A
• Each channel with integrated FRA: 10 µHz - 250 kHz
• Data acquisition rate: 100 kHz
• 4-Electrode measurement
• Independent floating operation
• Peripheral analog/digital channels included
• USB-controlled
• With power booster: ±5 A/±10 V


Ivium Technologies Products Brochure  
The ModuLight:
The ModuLight-module is a programmable light source that has been designed to investigate photo-electrical devices, such as solar cells. The add-on module operates in combination with the IviumStat and CompactStat, through the peripheral I/O-port.
Download: ModuLight Brochure

The ModuLight, by default, contains 7 LEDs with wavelengths ranging from 460-740 nm. On request LEDs can be exchanged for others from the same product range.

During operation an LED can be programmatically selected. The sinewave generator of the potentioststat can then be used to modulate the intensity of the LED with a frequency of 10µHz to 2MHz. The extensive Solar cell applications that are included in the Ivium software, allow a full characterization of the solar cell. The functionality includes E/I-curves as a function of the light intensity, IMVS/IMPS, and solar cell modelling that gives all characteristic values of the studied subject.

Light intensity: Can be modulated with the FRA-output of the Ivium-potentiostat from: 10µHz to 2MHz  
Bias resolution:
16 bit, 0.0015%
Programmable in 7 steps: 460-740 nm
0 - 976 mW



The MultiWE32:
The MultiWE32 is a multi-channel potentiostat unit that can control up to 32 working electrodes that share a single CE and RE. The potential is not multiplexed: it is applied simultaneously and continuously!
It is used in combination with either a CompactStatTM or an IviumStat and is developed especially to be used in micro and nano electrochemistry. The maximum applied voltage is determined by the controlling potentiostat.

                Download:  MultiWE32 BROCHURE

The MultiWE32 can be operated in 2 modes:


• CV/LSV/DPV/SQRwave/ChronoAmperometry
• Data acquisition of 32 WE currents at the same time,
• maximum rate of 10 samples/sec (0.1sec interval time)


• All electrochemical potentiostatic methods possible
• Frequency response analysis


Channel performance:

• Max. current per WE: ±1 mA
• Programmable offset: ±2 V
• 0.0625mV resolution